Data details

TMlink contains over 10 million trade mark applications from multiple regions around the world. Currently Australia, Canada, the European Union, New Zealand, and the United States are included in the beta version of the database. The next regions to be included are the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan, and we will continue to include data from other regions as they join the project.

With this early beta version of the linked database, we can already gain preliminary insights into the degree of international linking between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. See below for a few examples of descriptive statistics and visualisations of the current data.


Total apps Linked apps Linked apps (%)
AU 1,199,467 278,400 23.21%
NZ 417,685 171,199 40.99%
CA 1,428,733 338,053 23.66%
US 6,104,958 629,998 10.32%
EU 1,269,550 - -

Numbers of trade mark applications

This table shows the total number of trade mark applications for each country, as well as the number of applications that are linked to one or more other countries.

Australia and Canada have a greater proportion of internationally linked trade mark applications than the US, and New Zealand has by far the largest proportion.


Linked US trade marks by sector

This plot shows how the degree of international branding has changed over time, for a few different industry sectors. In particular, it shows the proportion of US applications that are linked to Australia and/or New Zealand over time, for several different sector classification numbers.

This indicates that the proportion of linked trademarks (in this case, US trade marks linked to Australia and/or New Zealand) can be quite different between different sectors.


Linked to:

Linked from: AU - 47,442 5,807 90,593
NZ 46,077 - 7,705 18,112
CA 5,594 7,632 - 208,030
US 102,289 24,210 254,194 -

Inter-country links

This table shows the number of internationally linked trade mark applications between each country pair. Each value shows the number of trade marks in a given country that are linked to one other country. For example, there are 102,289 US trade mark applications that are linked to Australian trade mark applications (bottom-left value).

These estimates indicate that Australian linked trade marks are focused on the US, New Zealand linked trademarks are focused on Australia, the US is focused on Canada, and Canadian linked trademarks have a very strong US focus.


Inter-country links over time

This plot shows how the number of Australian trade mark applications has increased over time, for un-linked applications as well as applications linked to the US-only, NZ-only, CA-only, and to all three other countries.