Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to a few questions related to the TMlink database.

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How do I get access to TMlink?

You can submit a request to receive email updates on development progress of TMlink, including information on when users will be able to access the database, via this link.


When it becomes available, will the beta version of TMlink be free to access?



How do I contact the developer of TMlink?

You can contact the developer of TMlink here.

Is there a TMlink paper I can cite which describes the database?

We are currently preparing a technical paper that will describe the TMlink database and linking algorithm. When the paper is complete, we will post a link to it on this website.

There is also a Research in Progress conference paper  which focuses on the trade mark linking algorithm, titled "Linking international trademark databases to inform IP research and policy", published in the Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators. You can access the conference paper on pages 298-302 of the conference Proceedings.