On this page we intend to build a list of publications that use data from TM-Link. If you publish a journal article, conference paper, or working paper that uses TM-Link data, let us know via the button below and we will post a link to your research here.


Conference papers


Researchers and policy makers are concerned with many international issues regarding trademarks, such as trademark squatting, cluttering, and dilution. Trademark application data can provide an evidence base to inform government policy regarding these issues, and can also produce quantitative insights into economic trends and brand dynamics. Currently, national trademark databases can provide insight into economic and brand dynamics at the national level, but gaining such insight at an international level is more difficult due to a lack of internationally linked trademark data. We are in the process of building a harmonised international trademark database (the “Patstat of trademarks”), in which equivalent trademarks have been identified across national offices. We have developed a pilot database that incorporates 6.4 million U.S., 1.3 million Australian, and 0.5 million New Zealand trademark applications, spanning over 100 years.

Petrie, Stephen (2016)Linking international trademark databases to inform IP research and policy; Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators; Valencia, Spain, 14 September 2016; p.298-302.